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*The best reward is not a medal, but a life well lived*
Wendy Harpham

I love this quote. More so I love Wendy’s blog. Because as a long time survivor. She reminds me that so often we do not say much about things as patients. We just go on and do what a needs doing. We just move forward not saying much. For me I use to complain in private. My husband knows it all. Even so..I saying something is healing at times and you just move forward.
I think the hard part is you hear people talking about trival things. Example…Oh I feel like crap I have this horrible cold. I always wanted to say…Oh I feel like hell this horrible cancer. I’m just saying. 🙂 But you don’t dare.
Why do I bring this up??
For the past month I have been battling a darn sinus infection and ear thing.  Its so annoying to say the least. The ear part got better but the congestion in my head is just still there . Which made my ears and the mastoid area hurt like hell..and made me really cranky! Never had a ear problem till after radiation. Its so annoying..Mind you I was fine till yesterday and lost it. With one day left of antibiotics left to go.The area where I had my first surgery to the face, just plain hurt. So I got up made another appointment…to make sure another round of antibiotics were not needed. UGH…Of course I was in a mood so was hubby. I hate it. I hate how I feel at times and saying I am not up to par after doing the medications. I hate like hell to say we need to go back again.
The we get there get done and get my scripts and the cost…all high tier copays. I was like what the heck. So back up to see what we can do to change that…UGH
We soldier on because thats what we do. We don’t waste time complaining or in pity parties. No one wants to hear it and even so if they did it worries them if we do. So we move on in hopes of handling the day. One day at time. Together.
When I really think about it Wendy is right. Its not about the accolades we recieve.Its about making the best out of a life well lived.
Today is a much better day. We both got some much needed rest. Lots of sunshine and waiting for our granddaughter to wake up from her nap .I look at her and this what life is about and shared blessings.

Hugs and prayers Hope.


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  1. Yes, I know just exactly what you are talking about. Jim and I tried to shield our children as best we could. We handled it so as not to have their routine disturbed more than necessary. So, I understand from your husband’s point of view, but even now I know that I couldn’t begin to comprehend all that Jim was going through. You are helping me to realize that. Bless you!Hugs,Beth

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