This a post I have been not wanting to write. Recently I have been getting a in flex of spam in my comments.Anyone Else??? Some ok and others offensive.

I have been deleting them daily.  In the last two days I have received several really rouchy emails pertaining to this Space.

Just because I have been in the Spaces for a very long time and have made friends here. I enjoy this community and the support given here. Or I might have left a long time ago.

Long time  ago, I decided to keep this  Space open to Everyone and Public. Simply in hopes of helping others with cancer. But as of thoughts are simply Friends only with an Extended Network. If that doesn’t work Friends only.  It boggles the mind that people have the nerve to judge the person writing as well as their situation,.for whatever reason they have. Not personally getting to really get to know that person who is writing.

I am also kept all the info to report as abuse. I am just tired of some of this and hope people realize that there are real people who do write in the Spaces.

More later…But in the next few days. I will be making some changes here.

Hugs and Prayers Hope.


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  1. HI Hope… I always keep mine private due to this reason…. Life has too many complications some times to have to cope with idots on here who have nothing better to do than leave rude comments… Report them….I hope that you are keeping well these days…. Hugs… Dreamwalker

  2. Please know you are not alone in the spam comments or even emails or friend invites from people who have nothing on their space. I bounce back an forth from private, friends only to public. BUT when I have done that my space lost some friends on my list. It was MSN who fowls that up. Last months I get 30+ alerts for the same post!! Hang in there kiddo. I understand going private till those intruders go away. Have ah good day and your friends are here for you.

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