Still Here.

Its been really busy here. My days are consumed by watching our grand daughter. Its hectic but so sweet at the same time.

I did end up at U of D Dental School.Learning that through my consult I would be sent to a faculty dentist in Restorative Dentistry. I see him on May 14th. Its been hard to digest but moving forward. I need to do so to deal with it.  So we will see I guess. I hate things up in the air like this its stressful.

Yesterday we had a odd day to. I have had this allergy thing going on with the trees all in full blood. I also had a cold and cough. I can deal with the cold part. But this cough. I pulled a muscle in the chest wall from coughing.  AT least that is what we all think. My chest hurt so bad and I was feeling like told crap yesterday when I woke up. We called my doctor who said come in at 1 pm. I looked at my husband and he looked at me. I said not waiting. So we went to the Er. I was not risking this chest pain being heart related. They did all the blood work for to rule out cardiac issues and checking my counts for the lymphoma.Thank goodness those all checked out fine and nothing red flagged cardiac or lymphoma issues.

They even took enough blood for cultures cause so much crap is going around..making people very ill.

The did a xray to check my port to make sure that was okay.Then they made sure because of the port no clots. Following up the xray with a cat scan of the chest lungs and heart.

Biggest hurdle of the day the Cat Scan. Randy , I have met in ER before took me down there and it was busy so I had to sit face to face with the Cat Scan Machine. I have done this many times. But I hate it and the less time spent in that room alone with out a tech the better. John the Cat Scan Tech. Came in I have met him to and we had a bit of a talk…asking about families and things to calm things down some. I hate it though.

So thankful that all checked out okay as well. God is good.

Hopefully what I am feeling will go away fast. I’m just really thankful nothing more then what it is!!

I am off to rest so more.  Hugs and Prayers Hope.

PS Thankful for the ER doc that put me at ease on things. Thanks Dr Bills aka Doctor and Cancer Patient. YOU ROCK. I left the ER being totally touched, by your compassion, kindness and knowledge.  But more so totally touched by your story and how it impacts you as a doctor when you talk to patients. Wow, that is all I can say. You rock.


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  1. I am so relieved to hear yer ok. Allergy here to with runny eyes and watery noses, er other way around heh.Without health insurance I have to suffer things out. Take care my friend.

  2. Hi Hope Im pleased that the tests are done and all seems ok thats very good news.. and its so good to hear your keeping busy with your Grand daughter.. It is also refreshing to hear that a Doctor Rocks!! for a change… as many here treat you as a number without feelings… and your 10minutes are up….. Next!!!…. So thats very good to hear…. Hugs to you xx

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